The RESSEEPE project has carried out a number of webinars over the project lifetime. These cover a range of topics including, Materials for thermal insulation, electrochromic materials and storage systems, BIM and general information on the project. Find the YouTube links below for more information.

Marzia Quaglio – IIT – The Global Warming
Simonetta Pagliolico – POLITO – Innovative materials for thermal insulation of buildings
Silvia Bodoardo – POLITO – The future for electrochromic storage systems for renewable energy
Luis Pereira – UNINOVA – Electrochromic Materials for Energy Savings
Guilia Barbano – RESSEEPE Case Studies and Demo Sites
Giulia Barbano – Resseepe Project Introduction
Anna Osello – POLITO – BIM and interoperability for energy savings
Stefano Corgnati – POLITO – Towards low energy and high performing retrofitted buildings

RESSEEPE Final Conference – Energy Retrofitting in Public Buildings

The Energy Retrofitting in Public Buildings conference will be held in Barcelona, Spain on Wednesday June 21st from 8:30 – 17:15. The conference aims to bring together the research community, industry, building designers, facility managers and public authorities to debate projects for energy-efficiency retrofitting of public building stock.

The idea is to discuss and exchange experience about the present and future of low-energy refurbishment, focusing on innovative technologies for low-carbon refurbishment and barriers to effective energy efficient retrofitting and occupants’ comfort. It will also focus on the innovative technologies selected for different demonstration sites across Europe, their installation process, savings achieved and occupants’ satisfaction assessment.

The panel will aim at exchanging with the audience experiences and lessons learnt from real public buildings energy-efficiency retrofitting. Dialogue and engagement with the audience will foster the potential replication of concepts developed in the projects.

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Resseepe project and many more feature in the 6th edition of the EeB PPP Project Review 2017

The Resseepe project, a long with the Energy Efficient Buildings Committee of ECTP, is pleased to share with you the 6th edition of the EeB PPP Project Review 2017. This yearly publication presents the progress and results of 110 co-funded projects within the EeB PPP, under the 7th Framework Programme (FP7) for 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013. As well as 45 co-funded projects under the Horizon 2020 programme for 2014, 2015 and 2016. This includes the Resseepe project and many more.

The newest edition highlights current results and achieved or potential impacts of the EeB PPP Projects. The projects demonstrate scientific and technological excellence, across all levels, from early stage conception to demonstration of almost ready-to-market innovations. Distributed into 7 technology-clusters defined according to the construction-related research and innovation value chain from the EeB PPP Roadmap (Design, Technology Building Blocks, Advanced materials and nanotechnology, Construction process, Energy performance monitoring & management, ICT and BIM), the 155 research projects featured in this brochure illustrate the diverse innovation approaches and the importance of embracing all aspects of the building and construction sector.

You can download the 2017 version of the Project Review here

We hope you will enjoy learning about the progress of the EeB PPP projects and we thank you for your fruitful collaboration and interest.

Potential energy consumption reduced by up to 50%, find more at the RESSEEPE Webinar on “Materials for Energy Efficiency in Buildings”

RESSEEPE will bring together design and decision making tools, innovative building fabric manufacturers and a strong demonstration programme to demonstrate the improved building performance through retrofitting. The core idea of the RESSEEPE project is to technically advance, adapt, demonstrate and assess a number of innovative retrofit technologies. Reductions in the area of 50% will be achieved in terms of energy consumption. A systemic process will be also implemented that will allow the selection of the best possible retrofitting mix, customised to the needs of the building. Several remarkable innovative technologies and materials will be integrated in the retrofitting process:

o Envelope Retrofitting: Ventilated Facades, Aerogel-based Super-insulating mortar, Wooden Insulating Wall Panel and VIP Panel
o Integration of RES: PV Energy, Thermal Collectors
o Energy Storage Systems: Thermal storage and PCMs
o Nanotechnologies and smart materials: EC/PV Windows
o ICT: Strategies at building and district level
o Intelligent Building Controls: HVAC systems

The RESSEEPE technologies will be validated in three different demo-sites:

Coventry (UK)
Skellefteå (SE)
Barcelona (ES)

The seminar will disseminate the major results of RESSEEPE project and looks to develop new knowledge at EU level on the innovative retrofit technologies. It is addressed to researchers, teachers, architects, professionals and particularly at the doctoral students due to its seminar character. Professionals and Students will have recognised credits.

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RESSEEPE Stakeholder Engagement Event

On 25th January 2017, the RESSEEPE project held a Stakeholder Engagement Event which was organised to present the RESSEEPE project to external members engaged in low-energy retrofit in Public buildings (designers, installers, constructors, researchers, public authorities, Directors of Estate Management and end-users).

The event commenced with welcomes followed by a presentation introducing the RESSEEPE project to the audience, which was present by Abdullahi Ahmed of Coventry University. This was followed by technology innovation and development, diagnosis methodology and economic analysis presented by Kassim Caratella of EXERGY.

After the introductions to the project were completed, each demo site owner presented the background of each demo site, including the technologies considered and installed at the demo site and the process behind the selection. Gustaf Ulander was the first demo site owner to present the Balderskolan Secondary School (COS) demo site. He was followed by Jaume Madrid from Hospital de Terrassa (CST) and Gabriel Ochoa Gimeno from Parc Tauli (CSP). Finally, Monica Mateo Garcia presented the Coventry University (CU) demo sites.

Following the presentation, the floor was opened up for a panel debate and discussion. Stakeholders were able to ask questions to the demo site owners regarding what had been presented. Following an open debate, the successful event was concluded.

RESSEEPE 42M Consortium Meeting

On the 23rd and 24th January 2017, the RESSEEPE project held its 42M meeting in Coventry, United Kingdom. All members of the consortium were present and attended the meeting.

The first afternoon of the meeting consisted of the making of the project video and individual technical meetings. Each technology provider participated in the creation of a short video to explain their technology and the implementation of it on the different demo sites. The video also includes the background of the project as well as the different aspects of the monitoring of the installations. The afternoon also consisted of a tour of the Sir John Laing building at Coventry University to show all partners the installations which are part of the RESSEEPE project.

The second and final day of the meeting was held on the 24th of January and was once again attended by all partners. The first order of the day was the welcomes, apologies and any notices which needed to be announced to the consortium. Following on from this was the review of the management and financial progress for the period between M36 and M42. Following on from this was the review of the work packages which commenced with WP9 which consisted of the scientific progress of the project. Subsequently, the other work packages from WP2 through to WP8 which are still in progress were covered by the different Work Package Leaders. The final day also included a demo site visit to the Richard Crossman building where the different technology installations were presented to all members of the consortium. The day concluded with the preparation for the final reporting and review.

RESSEEPE Stakeholder Engagement event – Low-energy retrofit in Public Building Tickets

The RESSEEPE project is pleased to invite you to this Stakeholder Engagement event on low-energy retrofit in Public Buildings.

The workshop is addressed to stakeholders engaged in low-energy retrofit in Public buildings (designers, installers, constructors, researchers, public authorities, Directors of Estate Management and end-users).

The event will involve presentations and discussions on low-energy retrofit of 5 demonstration public buildings in 3 EU countries, including Hospitals, University buildings and a Primary School. The demo-site presentations will show the specific process followed to implement technologies into each case study building. This will include: building and technology selection, decision making, information collection and management, stakeholder engagement, installation process and challenges and lessons learnt through the process.

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