1st RESSEEPE Workshop

On the  28th of October 2014, the first RESSEEPE workshop was organized in Barcelona, Spain as part of the World Sustainable Building Conference 2014 (http://www.wsb14barcelona.org).

The three-day-conference aimed to encourage the uptake of adequate answers to the challenges, social and environmental, which the building sector faces.

The main goal of the workshop was to present the RESSEEPE technologies and demo sites to external stakeholders coming from different professional backgrounds.  The workshop started with an overview of the RESSEEPE project, presented by the Scientific Coordinator, Fernando Centeno (Exergy).

Following the presentation of introductory information, Roman Eduardo (Tecnalia) represented the RESSEEPE technologies, including solar thermal collectors, EC/PV windows, super-insulating mortar, vacuum insulation panels, phase changing materials and energy storage strategies etc. A few researchers who were attending the workshop showed their particular interest in solar thermal collectors and EC/PV window technologies.

After answering the questions raised by the audience, Patrica Perez (OHL) discussed the potential refurbishment solutions that could be implemented in RESSEEPE demo sites. Nikos Sakkas (Apintech) also had an opportunity to discuss about the monitoring strategies and technologies that have been being developed as part of RESSEEPE. The final speaker, Valeria Ferrando (IES) closed the workshop by talking about dynamic simulation tools and methodologies addressed in RESSEEPE.