Monthly Archives: August 2016

RESSEEPE meeting in Brussels



On the 11th and 12th July 2016, the RESSEEPE project held its 36M review meeting in Brussels, Belgium. All members of the consortium were present and attended the meeting.

The first day of the meeting consisted of reviewing the project progress. The first order of the day was the welcomes, apologies and any notices which needed to be announced to the consortium. This was then followed by the review of the management and financial progress for the period between M18 and M36. Once this was complete, WP9 was reviewed which consisted of the scientific progress of the project. Subsequently, the other work packages from WP2 through to WP8 were covered by the different Work Package Leaders of the consortium. After these Work Packages were discussed in great detail, the first day of the meeting was concluded.

The second and final day of the meeting was held on the 12th of July and was once again attended by all partners. This was the EC meeting which was held at the Covent Garden Building, Brussels. The consortium were required to present the current stage of the project to the EC Officer and PTA (Project Technical Assistant). To commence this meeting, the welcomes and introductions were held. This was then followed by the WP Scientific and Technical progress review of the 2nd period of the project. The Key Exploitable Results of the project were presented and discussed with the EC Officer and PTA. Following on from this, the results from the Work Packages for the period between M18 and M36 were presented, starting with WP2 and going through to WP8.

Once the Work Packages were covered, the Management Overview and Upcoming actions for the 3rd period (M36 – M48) were highlighted. This was the end of the EC Review meeting for the consortium and were awaiting the conclusions and feedback from the EC Officer and PTA.

The event concluded with the EC Officer and PTA providing their opinions and feedback on the progress of the project so far. Overall, the feedback for the current progress was mostly positive, with minor changes needed to be taken into consideration. The EC Officer and PTA were encouraged by the findings produced and seek the continuation of the project.