RESSEEPE 42M Consortium Meeting

On the 23rd and 24th January 2017, the RESSEEPE project held its 42M meeting in Coventry, United Kingdom. All members of the consortium were present and attended the meeting.

The first afternoon of the meeting consisted of the making of the project video and individual technical meetings. Each technology provider participated in the creation of a short video to explain their technology and the implementation of it on the different demo sites. The video also includes the background of the project as well as the different aspects of the monitoring of the installations. The afternoon also consisted of a tour of the Sir John Laing building at Coventry University to show all partners the installations which are part of the RESSEEPE project.

The second and final day of the meeting was held on the 24th of January and was once again attended by all partners. The first order of the day was the welcomes, apologies and any notices which needed to be announced to the consortium. Following on from this was the review of the management and financial progress for the period between M36 and M42. Following on from this was the review of the work packages which commenced with WP9 which consisted of the scientific progress of the project. Subsequently, the other work packages from WP2 through to WP8 which are still in progress were covered by the different Work Package Leaders. The final day also included a demo site visit to the Richard Crossman building where the different technology installations were presented to all members of the consortium. The day concluded with the preparation for the final reporting and review.