RESSEEPE Stakeholder Engagement Event

On 25th January 2017, the RESSEEPE project held a Stakeholder Engagement Event which was organised to present the RESSEEPE project to external members engaged in low-energy retrofit in Public buildings (designers, installers, constructors, researchers, public authorities, Directors of Estate Management and end-users).

The event commenced with welcomes followed by a presentation introducing the RESSEEPE project to the audience, which was present by Abdullahi Ahmed of Coventry University. This was followed by technology innovation and development, diagnosis methodology and economic analysis presented by Kassim Caratella of EXERGY.

After the introductions to the project were completed, each demo site owner presented the background of each demo site, including the technologies considered and installed at the demo site and the process behind the selection. Gustaf Ulander was the first demo site owner to present the Balderskolan Secondary School (COS) demo site. He was followed by Jaume Madrid from Hospital de Terrassa (CST) and Gabriel Ochoa Gimeno from Parc Tauli (CSP). Finally, Monica Mateo Garcia presented the Coventry University (CU) demo sites.

Following the presentation, the floor was opened up for a panel debate and discussion. Stakeholders were able to ask questions to the demo site owners regarding what had been presented. Following an open debate, the successful event was concluded.