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EcoBuild 2015

Between the 3rd and 5th of March 2015, EcoBuild held their annual event at ExCel London. EcoBuild UK 2015 is the UK’s leading trade event for sustainable design, construction and the built environment.

EcoBuild showcases the future of design, construction and the built environment. This event demonstrates, with 1,300 exhibitors and practical installations inside the arena, the latest developments in sustainable construction. The event also offered more than 100 free seminars with over 600 highly regarded speakers in attendance.

The EcoBuild provided the perfect platform to showcase the developments of the RESSEEPE project to the industry and other potential stakeholders who may have limited knowledge about the project. With Coventry University (CU) already exhibiting at the event, an invitation was sent to Exergy (EXE) to accompany CU and help disseminate the RESSEEPE projects current progress which was duly accepted.

During the event, Coventry University had set up several demonstration and presentation times at the exhibition space to provide visitors, guests and other exhibitors an insight into the RESSEEPE project and the purpose of the FP7 project.

The presentation consisted of the introduction of the project by showing the official RESSEEPE project video followed by a more in depth look at the demo sites involved as well as the different innovative technologies being implemented. Several attendees at the event showed their interest in the project and requested additional information.

A short question and answer session followed the presentations with the Scientific Coordinator, Fernando Centeno of Exergy and Dissemination and Communication managers and Demo Site partners Abdullahi Ahmed and Danny McGough of Coventry University. 

The Parliament Magazine: “EU is key funding research for the PV Industry”

The Parliament Magazine recently published an article about projects in the area of photovoltaic technologies (PV). These projects are supported by the European Community framework and new Horizon 2020 programs.

Enabling significant reductions of building energy demand in the area of 50% through optimal integration of technologies for energy-efficient solutions in the renovation of public buildings is being investigated by the Retrofitting solutions and services for the enhancement of energy efficiency in public edification (RESSEEPE) project

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