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The Second Site Visit to Coventry University

Several RESSEEPE partners, Va-Q-Tec, PCM Ltd and Centre CIM Fundacia Privada visited the Coventry demo site on the 22nd of October and met with representatives of Coventry University and Exergy Ltd. The main goals of the site visit were to assess the feasibility of vacuum insulation panels and PCM technologies, and to identify the internal spaces suitable for the installation of prototypes.

The demo site visit started with a short discussion about the current statuses of George Eliot and John Laing buildings. During this initial discussion, the Exergy team provided the 2D and 3D drawings of both of the buildings.  Abdullahi Ahmed and Danny McGough (Coventry University) had the opportunity to illustrate the spaces potentially suitable for retrofitting works.

Following the initial meeting, Coventry University members provided a guided tour in the two demo site buildings. This tour has enabled technology providers to receive first hand information about the buildings.

The site visit was closed with a final discussion about the potential refurbishment scenarios. It was agreed that John Laing building could be considered for the installation of prototypes due to its particular internal space arrangement. Additionally, Va-Q-Tec and PCM Ltd also agreed that both vacuum insulation panel and passive cooling technologies could be suitable for both demo buildings.

Within the following months, technology providers are going to provide detailed proposals for demo site partners to identify the most suitable technologies in terms of energy efficiency and payback period. Ultimately, this will enable the RESSEEPE partners to test the new technologies under real-time conditions and to achieve the target Technology Readiness Levels.

The Parliament Magazine: “EU is key funding research for the PV Industry”

The Parliament Magazine recently published an article about projects in the area of photovoltaic technologies (PV). These projects are supported by the European Community framework and new Horizon 2020 programs.

Enabling significant reductions of building energy demand in the area of 50% through optimal integration of technologies for energy-efficient solutions in the renovation of public buildings is being investigated by the Retrofitting solutions and services for the enhancement of energy efficiency in public edification (RESSEEPE) project www.resseepe-project.eu.

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