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Site visit to Balderskolan, Skelleftea

On the 11th November 2015, several RESSEEPE partners had the opportunity to visit the Balderskolan, Skelleftea demo site. The partners present were Va-Q-Tec, Onexit, TU Wien and Exergy Ltd and were welcomed by the demo site partner, City Of Skelleftea. The site visit was used to determine and discuss the potential refurbishment and retrofitting solutions at the Balderskolan site and to have an open discussion about the feasibility of technologies which may be implemented.

The first order of business, once the demo site visit commenced, was to discuss the current status at the Balderskolan site and to decide which areas would benefit most from the retrofitting technologies. For this particular meeting, Exergy had produced CAD drawings in the form of plans and elevations to make the selection process easier and would allow the demo site owners to clearly illustrate and present the areas they are considering for works.

Once the morning portion of the meeting was complete, the City Of Skelleftea provided a guided tour through Balderskolan, which enabled the different partners to get a more in-depth and first-hand look at the site. This enabled the technology providers to get a better understanding of the building characteristics and therefore enabled them to make accurate judgements about the implementation of their technology.

The day was concluded with all partners engaging in a discussion about the current status of the demo site and the potential solutions. Partners Va-Q-Tec and Onexit agreed their technologies will provide a feasible solution for the demo site. Other technologies the partners found feasible were LED lighting and EC windows for the older buildings at Balderskolan.

Subsequently, the partners discussed the next steps of the process and agreed the technology providers will use the next few months to provide detailed proposals for the demo site which would clearly portray the feasibility of the technology with additional data on energy efficiency and payback periods.